Professionally Guided Fly Fishing Trips on the Hiwassee River and Surrounding waters in the Tennessee Valley.

 Hiwassee River Guides offers GuidedTrips in East Tennessee, Kentucky, & North Georgia. Guided trips on the Hiwassee, Clinch, Holston, Toccoa & Cumberland Rivers  targeting Trout, Smallmouth Bass, & Striped Bass.

     Hiwassee River Guides is a professional fly fishing guide service located in east Tennessee. Our Fly Fishing Guides provide excellent guided fly fishing trips on all of the tail waters in east Tennessee. Guided Fly Fishing Trips on the Hiwassee River are performed in whitewater Drift Boats by experienced operators. Float trips are performed using both traditional  Drift Boats, Rafts, motorized river jets. Hiwassee River Guides are very experienced knowledgeable on all the waters that where we offer trips. As well as being Licensed in East Tennessee and Kentucky our  Fly Fishing Guides have years of experience on all the big tail waters, including the Clinch River, Hiwassee River, Holston River, Cumberland River, South Holston River, and many smaller freestone rivers such as the Collins River, Ocoee River, & Tellico River as well as many more..  Hiwassee River Guides is a licensed and Permitted by the United States Forest Service, Cherokee National Forest for commercial operations on the Hiwassee River in Reliance, Tennessee. We are one of four licensed operators for the Hiwassee.

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     The Toccoa tail water below Blue Ridge Dam is a tail water fishery of smaller stature in the state of Georgia. It is on average a much smaller river by comparison to any of the other TVA Tail waters. A wonderful trout river with plenty of cold water and a nice variety of aquatic life as well. From midges to mayflies, depending on the time of year. With roughly 16 miles of trout water from Blue Ridge Dam downstream to Copper Hill, Tennessee. Public access on the Toccoa is limited so the fishing around the public access points is heavy. There are 5 public access points on the Toccoa.

1:Blue Ridge Dam
2:Tammen Park
3:Curtis Switch(bridge parking)
4:Curtis switch(TVA launch)
5:Horshoe Bend park (McCaysville,GA)

For Float trips on the Toccoa we have a couple of options available.

The first is to fish from Blue Ridge Dam downstream to the Curtis Switch access. (7.2 miles) The second is from Curtis Switch down stream to Horseshoe Bend park in McCaysville, Ga. (6.5 miles) Both sections of the Toccoa fish very well and at times one section can fish better than the other. The Toccoa does receive a lot of fishing pressure as it is one of only two tail water trout fisheries in the state.
The water flow on the Toccoa River on average is fairly slow with a lot of subtle riffles & shoals, along with some deeper pools. Water Temperatures on the tail water sections Toccoa makes it one of the best trout fisheries in the area. Anglers will have good opportunities to catch some very nice wild rainbows and brown trout, along with some stocked fish.

The Upper Toccoa Delayed Harvest Water:
Most of the upper portion of the river upstream of the Blue ridge Reservoir is private property with very restricted access. There is however a Delayed Harvest Section that is just over 1 mile in length. This more of a seasonal trout fishery as far as the DH program is concerned, but the river does have many holdover fish from one season to another. This a beautiful stretch of river, slightly smaller in size than the tail water with plenty of opportunity for wade fishing. When the water levels are right we do float trips on a 6 mile stretch of river ending in the delayed harvest section.

Upper Toccoa River Delayed Harvest Regulations:
November 1 - May 14
Catch and Release only
Artificial lures with single hook lures
from .4 miles above the Shallowford bridge to 450 feet above the Sandy Bottom Canoe access

For more information on Georgia trout fishing regulations please look at:

Float trips are for one or two anglers per boat. Wade trips can be tailored to your groups needs.

Toccoa River, Blue Ridge GA.

Blue Ridge powerhouse, 1-800-238-2264 (#4, #23)